How Instagram Influencers Have Changed The Marketing & Digital Industry

Instagram is one of the world’s most visited social media sites, with a whopping 1 billion people using Instagram every month. It only makes sense that as a result, businesses have caught onto how lucrative this platform can be when it comes to getting the most out of their marketing budget. As a result of

How COVID-19 Has Changed B2B Marketing

As companies of various sizes all around the world face economic uncertainty, B2B marketers are more than aware of the challenges that these businesses are facing. With preserving cash suddenly being a number one priority, marketers have had to change the way they’re approaching their techniques. With the pandemic now being creating a new normal,

How to Approach B2B Marketing During COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed the way we approach B2B marketing – after all, it has to. The pandemic is unfortunately a huge part of our daily lives, and will likely be for the long, foreseeable future. As we continue to adapt to this new normal, marketing must also adapt along with it. The same techniques that

Choosing The Right Social Media Platforms For Your B2B Company

Social media is an absolutely necessary marketing tool that every business needs if they wish to remain relevant and visible in an online world that’s dominated by these popular platforms. Numerous marketing statistics back up the success that social media has on a business, including the fact that 73% of marketers have reported social media

How Content Marketers Can Stay Relevant During COVID-19

COVID-19 continues to affect industries across the board, bringing many to a screeching halt. It’s an unfortunate fact that the impacts of the pandemic will likely continue to make themselves present for years to come. With the amount of time spent at home, and therefore the amount of time spent online, digital marketing is one

How to Create a Call to Action (CTA) that Works!

Having a call to action on your website sounds like a great idea, but unless it works, that’s all it is: an idea. So let’s turn that idea into a reality by creating a call to action that works! A call to action, or CTA, is a prompt that allows visitors on your website to

Tips on How to Stay Relevant Online

Staying relevant online means keeping up with the latest trends, content marketing strategies, and the newest social media platforms. If you have to come from behind in any of these areas, you can find yourself playing catch-up at a time where you should be producing quality content. Your digital footprint can include your website, social

Social Media Marketing for Businesses in 2020

Social media marketing is one of the most effective methods of content marketing, and if you aren’t taking advantage of this opportunity, you can be missing out on valuable web traffic and page clicks. When social media first came on the scene, there wasn’t much to offer businesses. Social media was more of a personal

How Content Marketing has Changed in 2020

Not so long ago, content marketing was limited to just a blog post on a website. Most blog hosting sites have always been free, so it would cost virtually nothing to create a post and share your experience on a specific topic, service, or product. And if you were one of the first websites on

What Is B2B Marketing? (And What Works In 2020)

Have you heard of B2B marketing, but don’t understand why it’s so valuable for your product or service? We’re going to take a look at what B2B marketing is, why you need to implement it into your marketing strategy and what is currently working in 2020. What is B2B Marketing? B2B (business to business) marketing