When you’re running a business, odds are, you’re dealing with a lack of time in your day, in one area or another. Whether it’s running your social media accounts, answering all of your emails or creating and managing ads, you welcome anything that’s going to make your life easier and more efficient. This is why ad management tools can be incredibly effective when it comes to boosting productivity and streamlining these kinds of tasks that have unfortunately moved down your list of immediate priorities. The fact is, ads can be incredibly important for your business’s exposure, especially when you’re just starting out. We’re going to take a look at the best ad management tools for 2020, in order to help you optimize your campaign structure, improve productivity and efficiency, and most importantly, save advertisers and marketers valuable time.


HubSpot Ad Tracking Software

HubSpot’s Ad Tracking Software is on the top of every digital marketer’s list as one of the best ad management tools out there. Some of the most notable features of this time saving and incredibly useful tool: automating ad targeting using Lists which will sync your leads and audience for targeting opportunities, managing ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google, reporting on ROI and leads from the platforms you share your ads on and understand audience behavior by identifying which contacts took action and engaged with your ads.

Kristen Baker of HubSpot tells us why their own Ad Tracking Software is number one on their list:



AdRoll advertises itself as being “the marketing platform for growing e-commerce brands”. AdRoll focuses on more than ads, with some of their most notable features being: personalizing dynamic adverts utilizing AI-powered product suggestions to focus on your viewers members, sharing focused movies and adverts to foster emotional connections along with your viewers and creating related product gives, dynamic adverts, emails and different kinds of outreach using the combined research of your company and AdRoll’s 1.2 billion shopper profiles.

Fluxxcomm.com explains why AdRoll is one of their top choices for the best ad management tools for 2020:

“AdRoll is a platform for ecommerce companies that focuses on adverts, e mail advertising, AI-based product suggestions, and cross-channel measurement. The platform acts as a house base for all of your corporation’s advertising and promoting exercise.”



RollWorks advertises itself as being an “account-based advertising platform”, which is usually where marketing and sales teams work together to target best-fit accounts and turn them into customers. Some of RollWorks’ most notable features include: reaching and retaining high-quality accounts with ads, lead gen tactics, and targeted account-based marketing (ABM) programs, using account-based ads to identify your target audience and encourage them to visit your website and creating retargeting ads to bring leads back to your website.

Cambo News tells us why RollWorks is one of the best programs out there for reaching and retaining high-quality accounts:

“RollWorks is an account-based platform with which you can identify target accounts, integrate them via ads and various channels, and measure your impact and success in the process. The tool is able to identify target accounts, set priorities for target accounts, automate various sales tasks and place account-based advertising.”

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