Content Lever – Your Complete Digital Marketing Solution

Do you have a digital marketing problem you just do not know how to solve? You already know that content creation is essential to bringing in more traffic to your website. An increase in traffic leads to more overall sales and further success for your company. But did you know that B2B marketers that have blogs get 67% more leads than those who don’t? Now we’ve got your attention!

You’ve ruled out the idea of hiring a new employee to take on this content creation role. And you just don’t have the funds to hire a digital marketing agency for a lengthy contract. Just when you think you’ve run out of options, we created Content Lever to step in and save the day. We’re going to take you through what exactly our Content Lever service is and why it could be the perfect solution for your B2B service business.

What is Content Lever?

Content Lever was created by content marketing company Content Refined, as a complete digital marketing solution for your B2B service business needs. The goal of Content Lever is to provide an affordable solution to content creation, which goes one step further than a typical content creation service.

Content Lever is about providing a complete solution. This is not only in regards to creating highly relevant content and posting it to your blog for you, but also posting to your social media accounts at the same time. This will ensure that multiple platforms are linking back to your website’s blog, providing incoming traffic from more than one source.

Content Lever was created to fill a hole in the content creation market. While there is a need for extensive content creation packages, there is no denying that they can be costly and usually require a contract commitment. With Content Lever, we have simplified content creation, in order to produce high quality content at an affordable price.

How Content Lever Works

Now that we’ve gotten you excited about the services we have to offer, you’re probably wondering how it all works. Let’s take a look at what happens when you purchase our services at Content Lever.

1. How Much Content Do You Need?

We offer 3 Content Lever packages that you can choose from, depending on the amount of content that you need. Your selection will determine the amount of posts that we will be creating and posting for you on a weekly or monthly basis.

Content Lever offers the following options:

  • 1 Post, Published Once Per Month
  • 4 Posts, Published 1x Weekly
  • 8 Posts, Published 2x Weekly

After you select the option that fits with both your budget and your content creation needs, we will quickly be in touch so we can begin producing your content as soon as possible.

2. Creating Your Content

The next step in the process is creating your content. We will create up to 8 posts for you on a monthly basis, based on your selection. The content we produce at Content Lever is unique to the content created at Content Refined. This is due to the fact that we combine the original work of our expert writers with commentary from industry specific experts. This will include a selection of quotes, tips and products that apply to your industry specifically. This not only provides more content for your posts, but backs them up with even more credibility.

3. Post Scheduling

We will then publish your blog posts for you, directly to your website. We will also create a graphic and publish it to your social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) with a link to your blog post. We will schedule both your blog and social media posts for the same date and time on a weekly or monthly basis. This will allow the readers of your blog to know when to expect your content and to help create a steady following.

4. Dashboard Support

As your services at Content Lever are being carried out, we offer full dashboard support. This means that you can see the status of your order at any time as well as having access to our support whenever you need it. You can feel free to ask us any questions and provide comments or feedback at any time

What Are the Benefits of Content Lever?

Now that we’ve given you a rundown of what Content Lever is and how we provide our services, you may be wondering what the benefits of Content Lever actually are – especially when compared to full packages offered by a digital marketing agency.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of Content Lever for your B2B service business:

  • Content Lever offers an all in one digital marketing solution at an incredibly affordable price
  • Our services eliminate the need to hire an additional employee to take on content creation
  • Both your social media channels and your blog content are covered by one service
  • Allowing us to post your blog on multiple channels creates a higher chance of leads for you
  • There are absolutely no contracts required with Content Lever
  • You can be confident that your blog posts will be scheduled for the same date and time on a monthly or weekly basis
  • You are provided with full dashboard support and a full understanding of the status of your order
  • Your content is being created by our expert writers who have knowledge of the B2B service industry
  • You can be confident that your services are being provided by an experienced team of content marketing professionals

Why Your Business Needs Content Lever

No matter the size of your company or how long you’ve been established, it cannot be denied that the creation of content is crucial to your success as an online business. Content Lever allows your website to consistently produce a high volume of quality content, at an exceptionally affordable price. Our services take the stress out of creating content for your business, as well as eliminating the worry of whether or not its been posted. With Content Lever’s zero commitment policy, there’s nothing to lose by giving it a go.

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