Leverage Your Online Business With Us

We help clients with tailored digital marketing strategies while upgrading their online business by meeting the highest standards for their niche. Our goal is to grow into one of the leading digital marketing providers that our clients can trust, keep coming back to, and recommend to others.

Our team consists of 6 experts in many fields. In addition, we care for our clientele during the whole process. Our goal is not only to provide them with a top-of-the-line website but to build a digital marketing strategy and produce content that will establish their business alongside industry leaders.



Values That We Stand For

Consistent Trust

You can rely on us to deliver your project on time and to the point. Then, once trust has been established, we continue to meet your expectations.

Rapid Adaptability

We adjust our strategies to meet and exceed the new requirements in an ever-changing environment (think search engine practices and updates). But, at the same time, we take swift action to do this thoroughly and meticulously.

Ensured Quality

From the first connection to the end service, we promise incomparable quality. Our skillful team members tackle every challenge and help your brand share its voice.

Strong Empowerment

We help our clients become more confident and visible in their niche by providing high-quality digital marketing strategies and website updates that make a difference and help them stand out in their field.

Meaningful Relationships

Maintaining good relations with our clients and employees is essential to help all sides learn from each other and work towards better outcomes and exceptional outcomes.

Constant Efficiency

No matter the inputs we are given, we strive to be efficient and provide you with maximum outputs every time. Of course, your requirements can differ significantly, but we will always work towards a coherent outcome.


15 Years Of Experience Has Brought Us Here

In 2007, Edin set out to create his first independent website and started making money from Google Ads and affiliate programs. Since then, he has created over 150 websites – from various niches and e-commerce to businesses and small brands. Likewise, in that period, he established a team of young people around him who have become digital marketing experts.

In Edin’s mind, the reason for the need for this kind of digital marketing agency lies in the overall amount of thin digital marketing services currently dominating the internet as opposed to in-depth expertise.

So, he gathered an efficient team that covers different industries and has skills in writing high-quality content to improve the website’s performance. They are also skilled in creating ads for search engines as well as social media. The main ContentLever goal is to improve business websites and highlight the satisfaction of its clients above anything else.



Meet Our Experienced Team

contentlever edin



Edin is an SEO addict with 15 years of experience in digital marketing. During those years, he developed more than 150 websites. On each one, he improved his knowledge about what makes a website stand out and how to use digital ads in your favor. Outside business hours, he is occupied with brewing beer, watching Dinamo, and drifting.



Ana is a Social Media expert and PPC specialist who focuses mostly on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google Ads. She knows the true power of Social Media these days and uses that knowledge to help small businesses. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and tasting new meals with a glass of wine so you can consider her a foodie.

contentlever ivana



Ivana is our lead SEO specialist. She has a master’s degree in linguistics and 5-year experience in creating and editing content to meet the newest SEO requirements. Her expertise includes collaboration with over 50 sites as editor and SEO manager. In addition, she loves to read fiction books with a cup of strong coffee in her free time.

contentlever maja



Maja is the content specialist in ContentLever. She is our leading creator of unique and captivating content. She will ensure your website hits high ranks on different search engines because she fulfills the user experience by writing topics your customers are looking for. Her free time is reserved for looking for and trying out different coffee brews.