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Do you know everything there is to know about leads for moving companies? Are you more inclined to online or offline methods of acquiring leads? What about the sale funnel?

If the sentences above made you rethink your moving leads generation strategy, we would like to help you clear these (and a few other) terms regarding this topic by:

  • explaining the difference between online and offline leads
  • explaining the difference between shared and unique leads
  • showing how to transform leads into customers


What Are Moving Leads?

Leads are called persons who, in one way or the other, have shown interest in your moving service. That can be via a contact form on your website, email, a phone call, or inquiry through the Social Media profiles of your moving company.

So, generally speaking, a lead is a person who can become a customer in the near future, and it is your job to make it happen.

If you want to convert as many leads for moving companies as possible, you must know which ones will most likely say yes to your moving service. To know that, you must determine the lead type you want to convert.


Difference Between Online & Offline Moving Leads

The biggest difference between online and offline leads is where they contacted you. As the name says, online leads have found the information about your business online, while offline found it somewhere else.


An online lead is every lead that comes from the internet. That person can visit your Social Media profile and send you a message. It can also be a person who contacted you through your website’s Google Business Profile, email, or contact form. Or, the person clicked on your Google or Meta ad and requested a quote.


Offline movers leads are every other person who contacted you. The most common type of offline lead generation is word of mouth. But, besides it, it can be a billboard or a flyer with your ad, an ad for a local radio station, or even an unannounced walk-in if you have an office for your moving company.


Difference Between Shared & Unique Movers Leads

Another vital difference you must know is the one between shared and unique leads.
Those leads differ in price, quality, and value.


Shared leads are, as their name says, ones you share with other moving companies, so there is inevitable competition. Shared leads may be cheap, but there is a reason for it. Their biggest disadvantage is that they are general leads that don’t have to suit your needs, so you may have to buy 100 to gain one customer. You can get them if you buy leads from companies that specialize in selling them.


Unique leads are ones that you can create by carefully tailoring ads. That means you are, for example, targeting people in an exact location with special moving requirements. You can choose your ideal client; the best part is that you don’t have to share it with other moving companies. Those leads are high-quality because your service is a perfect solution to their problem.


Three Stages Of Leads For Moving Companies

From a marketing point of view, three types of leads depend on their position in the sale funnel. A sale funnel is a term we use to describe the state of a person (aka lead) in the buying process. In the beginning, there are many leads, but as time goes by, some of them drop out, which causes the narrowing of the funnel.

Top Of The Funnel (TOFU)

You are communicating with the leads at the top of the funnel for the first time. You must gain their trust and show them you are a legit moving company. The best way to do it is to share valuable content with them – helpful tips, tricks, or guides about moving.

Middle Of The Funnel (MOFU)

At this point, these movers’ leads know your company, so you can offer your service to them. You can do that by providing content that will push them in the right direction. That can be reviews of past clients, a list of benefits of why they should choose you, or similar content.

Bottom Of The Funnel (BOFU)

A lead in the last stage is known as a prospect because they seriously consider buying your service. Now is the perfect time to switch to posts about your service and pricing with a clear Call To Action (CTA). That way, you show them you are the perfect solution to their problem.


How To Get Leads Online?

The best part of lead generation is that you have many options for it. so you can combine several methods and achieve impressive results.


A website designed for conversion invites people to try your services with its content, design, and appearance. It has many calls to action, visible contact forms, emails, and phone numbers. With it, people don’t have to spend time looking for your contact information or doubting your legitimacy.


Search Engine Optimization makes sure your website ranks high on Google and other search engines. To achieve that, you have to have valuable content, optimized to satisfy users who came looking for a solution to their moving problem. That is why you have to write related and useful content.


An email newsletter is here to remind all your leads that you are in business and can offer them a solution to their moving challenges. But, don’t get too pushy, the newsletter is a good choice only if you don’t bore your leads with it. Sending emails once a week is more than enough to keep them in the loop.


Active Social Media profiles will keep you on the newsfeed of your audience. That means you can share jobs you did last week, reviews of other customers, videos, photos, and other media with them. So they will see your posts and book your service once they need it.


Make as many online directories as you can (but only on legit websites) because that is where people go looking for handymen, movers, builders, etc. An optimized and active profile will keep you at the top of the list for your service area and location.

On-Page SEO For Moving Companies


Ads are a significant part of digital marketing. With them, you are advertising your service to people looking for it. You can adjust the audience by gender, age, service area, interests, and other criteria such as education, profession, etc.


This term refers to links built on other sites that point back to your moving website. That way, people who read an article about your company on one website can click on the link and go to your website to see more details about your company and your service.


How To Transform Leads Into Customers?

Acquiring movers leads is one step toward getting a customer. But you are not done yet! Now you have one of the most important steps in front of you – transforming them into customers!


You have to answer every call and reply to every email within minutes. People looking for any service online won’t wait for you to call them back. They will go to a different website and call or email them instead. Speed is one of the most critical factors in the online world.


Don’t hide your cost from potential clients; they want to know how much they need. Of course, you don’t have to write an exact price; a starting price is a good option.


A quote will give you information about the moves a person wants to make. Once you receive a quote, make a detailed offer. Mention the date, time, place, distance, planned hours, additional services, and everything that affected the price of the move.


After sending the detailed offer, follow up with an email asking if there are any questions and offer some helpful tips on how to pack for the move or similar. Consider this as a reminder for them.


An active Social media profile is a significant trust factor but is connected only to Social Media. If you want to put them on your website, use media of your last jobs, certificates, badges, or license numbers and make sure they are easy to see on your website.


Lead Generation Results From Our Clients

Moving Company From Denver

Our clients from Denver decided to switch from the Basic package to the Standard after 3 months of working together. That meant starting with Google Local Services Ads and Search Ads. It appeared to be the right move for them since they started generating 3-5 leads every day from organic traffic and Google Ads combined.



Why Leave Lead Generation Management To Our Experts?

As you can see, lead generation is a broad term that requires your complete and undivided attention if you want the best results. Besides types of moving leads and methods of acquiring information, you must also focus on managing and adjusting them to fit your service and offer. Once you combine all that, you can see that this is not a task for a moving company owner who receives calls, replies to emails, or moves customers. Here is why we are the best choice for you:


We are digital marketing experts thanks to our 15 years of working in the field of digital marketing. However, in the last few years, we decided to specialize in the moving niche. This way, we are up to date with the latest trends and marketing strategies tied to moving and transportation.


Our methods are tested and adjusted to moving companies all across the US. As a result, we know how to improve your lead generation game most effectively. We tailor our offer to moving companies’ needs and expectations better than marketing agencies that work in different niches simultaneously.


Although we know what works in the moving niche, that doesn’t mean we will set up your digital marketing and leave it unattended. On the contrary; we will constantly monitor it, adjust to your location and audience and keep it in balance because the trends slightly differ from city to city and we will be on top of it!


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Use The Lead Generator For My Company?

The lead generator can increase the number of leads by improving your digital marketing strategy, updating content on your website and Social Media, and improving your online presence. It is a step that differentiates the best moving company from average ones.

Why Should Moving Businesses Work With Lead Generation Companies?

Generating leads for moving companies is a process with many different methods which require constant monitoring and adjusting for the best results. Lead generation companies know how to drive traffic to your website and filter out high-quality prospects that will eventually transform into customers.

Where Do Your Leads Come From?

The leads we generate are strictly tied to your business and the criteria we set up together. That means we focus on your service area, demographic, your offer, and leads unique to your moving company (we don’t work with shared leads). We drive traffic from Google Search, Google Maps, online directories, and Meta and Google Ads, depending on the service you choose.

How Do I Know Your Leads Are Quality Leads?

We use digital marketing methods to drive traffic to your website, meaning the leads will be persons who are actively looking for movers in your area. Those types of leads are high-quality leads because they are already aware of what and when they need them.