Google Ads For Moving Companies (Guide By Experts)

Reach New Clients And Grow Your Moving Business With Google Ads!

Google Ads are incredibly effective for reaching your moving company’s marketing goals! On average, a moving company can generate up to 300% ROI by using this advertising platform!

All in all, investing in Google Ads for moving companies is worth it as they provide a cost-effective way for small businesses to reach a virtually unlimited, targeted audience. Besides, they:

  • deliver results faster than SEO
  • allow a wide range of targeting
  • bring more conversions
  • maximize ROI with different bidding strategies


What Are Google Ads?

Google Ads is an online advertising platform developed by Google. There, advertisers bid to display brief advertisements, product listings, service offerings, and more.

In the terms of moving companies, the owners use this platform to show their potential customers specific moving services they offer, what benefits they can expect such as no additional fees, an trained team, a stress-free experience, and more.

With the right approach and intensive research, your moving company’s ads can be seen at the top of search engines, too.


Organic Search vs. Paid Search

Ultimately, the main difference between organic search and paid sears is the cost. Organic search focuses on unpaid rankings in search results, while paid search focuses on paid rankings. Here is the breakdown:


These are the unpaid sections that show up on the search engine results page. They are determined based on your website content’s relevance to the keyword query. A website’s organic rank doesn’t cost a thing, the only expense is the time you need to invest in your website in order to get a good SERP ranking.


Paid searches are advertisements. The search engines show ads that are close to organic search results. Advertisements are consistently shown at the top of a search result, or in a left/right sidebar. They work as a pay-per-click model and by paying a specific amount of money, your site can be ranked on top.


Four Types Of Google Ads For Moving Companies

There are four types of Google Ads you can use for your moving company. Mostly, when we mention Google Ads, we’re meaning the Google AdWords platform, however, there is one more type of advertisement that you can use for your ads displayed on Google. The four types are:


These are keyword-driven digital ads. According to the search term a user enters, the ads appear on the search engine results page. They can display at the top, at the bottom, or next to search results on Google Search, Google Maps, the shopping tab, and more. You can choose from several paid search options such as text ads, responsive search ads, call-only ads, and dynamic search ads.


These ads are shown across 2 million websites, videos, and applications that are a part of the Google Display Network, and based on their previous online activity.


These ads allow your moving company to show targeted ads to the users who already visited your website but didn’t complete a conversion. This is a great way to turn them into customers.


These ads aren’t a part of Google AdWords, but you can surely use them for advertising on the Google platform. Unlike Google Ads which are based on pay-per-click, with Google Local Services Ads you pay by the lead instead of the click, so you’re only charged when a prospective customer contacts you through the ad. This ad type uses location and call extensions to show up to the customers in your area.


Why Should Moving Company Use Google Ads?

There are many benefits your moving company will get if you decide to use Google Ads to win the market. Here are some of the benefits you can expect by using Google Ads.

  • It increases leads and customers. Google Ads platform is one of the best tools for lead generation. Now, if you set up the campaign properly, you will have the potential to get extremely targeted leads to visit your website as the ads will be shown to the people who are searching for what your business offers.
  • You get a high return on investment. Google Ads, unlike some other marketing strategies, makes you pay only for those ads people click on. So, you need to focus on optimizing your Google Ads campaigns and find out which approach suits you and your business.
  • You get straightforward and transparent results. The dashboard makes it easy to analyze the progress of your campaigns. Based on the reports, you will know what actions to take next.
  • Gives you results faster than SEO. Google Ads is instant. When your ads campaign goes live, your ads immediately appear in Google search engine results. Unlike SEO where you have to wait for results sometimes even for months.
  • You are in control of the advertising costs. You decide how much money you spend per month, per day, and per ad.
  • Build brand awareness. This is rather important in the moving industry. By just seeing your ads, the potential customers see your brand, your tagline, what you offer, and whatever else you include in your copy and extensions. This builds trust and trust is what will ultimately earn you loyal customers and purchases.
Google Ads Benefits For Moving Company


Composition Of Google Ads For Moving Industry

Every ad is composed of a couple of main elements. Of course, those elements may vary depending on the type of ad you’re creating, however, their purpose and goal are the same.


The ad consists of at least three headlines, up to 30 characters each. Once live, the headlines are separated by a vertical pipe. In the headline, you want to show the attractive benefits of your moving company. For example, your three headlines can be: Reliable & Reputable Movers, Get A Free Online Estimate, Stress-Free Moving Experience.


You need to add at least 2 descriptions to each ad. These fields need to highlight details about the services you provide. Add a sentence or two in the description. Use specific keywords for the service that you advertise. Make each description unique and attractive. The maximum character number for each description is 90.


The display URL shows your website address. It is made up of the domain from your final URL and the text in the optional path fields. The purpose of these fields is to help people who see your ad get a better understanding of where they’ll be taken when they click on it. For example, if your ad is about the piano move, add “piano-moving-services” to the path field.


These are assets that highlight specific factors of your services. They show beneath your text ad in the form of a header. For example, you can add “destinations” and a list of values (all the service areas you cover).


With callouts, you can improve your text ads by promoting unique offers and benefits to your customers. For example, no additional fees, great customer service, etc.


These are additional links to the pages on your website that are different than the landing page of your ad. The purpose of sitelinks is to help users to find more related topics with your Google Ads with just one click.


By using call assets, you can add your phone number to the ads. When your call assets show, your customers can tap or click a button to call your business directly or go to your website.


Moving Company’s Keyword Targeting

Targeting in Google Ads is based on the keywords. They dictate how closely the keyword needs to match the user’s search query so the ad can be considered for the auction. There are 3 different keyword match types:


These keywords feature no modifier (no brackets or quotes around the keyword) when you target them. Broad-match keywords match any search terms that are related to your targeted keyword. For example, if you target piano moving services, it matches queries such as piano moving services, best piano movers, piano move services, etc.


These keywords have quotes around them when you target them (“”). Phrase match keywords match any search terms that include the same meaning your keyword has. So, they only match relevant search terms that are closely related to your keyword. For example, if you target “household movers”, it matches household movers, top-rated household movers, household movers near me, etc.


These keywords have brackets around the entire keyword when you target them ([ ]). Exact match keywords match exact search queries, as well as searches with the same meaning. These keywords give you the most relevancy and the best targeting for your landing pages and ads but you’ll have less overall search volume. For example, if you target [local movers], it matches local movers.



How To Use Negative Keywords?

Example of Negative Keywords For Moving Company's Google Ads

A negative keyword is a type of keyword that prevents your ad from being triggered by a certain word or phrase. So, if you use it, your ads won’t show to anyone who is searching for that particular phrase. By excluding such search terms, you will help your campaign and ads to only focus on those keywords that matter to your customers.

Negative keywords can be added at the campaign or ad group level. The main benefits of using such keywords are:

  • Exclusion or irrelevant traffic.
  • Improvement of the click-through rate of the account which also has a positive impact on the keyword Quality Score.
  • Reduction of the Average Cost per Click which brings improvement of the ROI.

Google AdWords platform allows users to see the searches that actually trigger your ad. In the keyword tab, you can see the report and all the data to see what keywords you can add as negative ones.

Negative keywords can also be broad match, phrase match, and exact match.


Keyword Research For Movers

Before going live with your ads, you first need to carefully and in detail research the keywords with which you will target your audience. Here are a couple of tools and techniques you can use to conduct your keyword research.


This is the easiest way to see what people are currently searching for that is relevant to your chosen keyword. Type in the keyword “movers” in the search box and see what autocomplete suggestions will pop out under it,


On the Google Ads platform, you can find a free tool for researching keywords called “Keyword Planner”. Just put relevant keywords to your moving products and services, and you’ll get hundreds of related keywords.


This is a free SEO tool that specializes in generating new keyword ideas. Besides keywords, you also got a monthly search volume, CPC, and competition data. This tool is one of the best research tools for generating keyword ideas.


WordStream is a related keyword generator and keyword popularity tool. The platform will tell you which keywords have the highest search volume and show you what keywords are related to your starting keywords.


Let The Experts Manage Your Google Ads

Hiring a Google Ads manager is recommended if you want to make the most of your advertising budget. Working with the experts will ensure that you will get the highest possible quality score for your ads in less time and at a lower cost. Here are the main benefits of working with the experts on your Google Ads.


Creating Google Ads campaign includes keyword research, audience research, landing pages, ad group organization, ad extensions, call-to-action buttons, and more. All of this requires a lot of time and good money organization. Experts already know how to do all of that. They know how to manage time, optimize the campaign, and get the most out of your advertising budget.


Along with running a moving business, are you able to make last-minute changes to your ads? Working with a Google Ads expert team, they will handle all adjustments for the company quickly. This will produce faster results.


The experts will test different types of ads, finding the best advertising solution for your moving company. Testing is the basis of advertising strategy. Experts will handle that. You provide your moving services.


You always have to keep an eye on your competition. Experts will handle that for you. They will monitor your competition so they can update and keep your moving company ahead of them when necessary. Google Ads are all about competition and bidding. You have to stay on top of your local market.


Frequently Asked Questions About Google Ads

Are Google Ads worth the cost for movers?

Totally. If you make a quality campaign and ads, you will return your investment and start generating a profit. It is a great way to advertise for an audience that needs moving services in your service area. You can’t do that with any traditional type of advertising.

How much does Google Ads management cost for a moving company?

Most internet marketing agencies will charge you $300 – $1000 for managing your Google Ads on a monthly basis. With a monthly management fee, you will need to pay a setup fee. The setup fee is a one-time payment charged from $500 to $1000 depending on the service area and your goals.

Can I manage Google Ads for my moving company alone?

You can do that, but it is not worth it. You will spend a week or two figuring out how to create your first campaign and your ROI will be lower than from someone with experience. On the other hand, you can earn the value of the monthly management fee with one moving job. Also, you need to spend a few hours every week managing, tracking, and analyzing your campaign for the best results.

How much does Google Ads cost for a small local moving company?

To start advertising with Google Ads you need at least $500 – $1000 to cover the management monthly fee and clicks you pay to Google. When you see results you can scale your budget up to $3000 – $5000 depending on your goals, competition, and service area.

How much time do I need to get the first moving leads?

You will need about one week to start generating the first leads. Your ads need a few hours up to a few days to get reviewed and approved by Google. After that, your ads will start to show your potential customers and your first moving leads will start coming.