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Online Vs Traditional Movers Marketing Strategy

Online Marketing

Online marketing happens on the internet, and it consists of different types of advertisements and content. If you want to use online marketing, you must post on your social media profiles, activate your Google Business profile, send emails to potential customers, use SEO for your website content, or engage in paid ads.

Why Use Online Marketing?

  • detailed tracking options
  • targeted audience
  • focus on your service area
  • adjustable budget
  • instant results

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is different from online, also called offline marketing. If you want to use it, you would have to send out flyers about your company, ask your past customers to recommend you (word of mouth), pay an ad to your local radio or TV station, buy a billboard on a busy road or participate in a local even as a sponsor.

Why Use Traditional Marketing?

  • strengthen your brand with word of mouth
  • focus on your service area
  • reach a larger group of people


Grow Your Moving Company In Just One Year

Marketing Strategy

Every moving company has to have a marketing strategy adjusted to their business. It depends on the service area, competition, current marketing methods, size of the company, number of employees, trucks, and of course, the available budget. All that combined causes rapid growth in persons interested in your service. By applying mentioned methods, you can increase the number of people reaching out to you and eventually transform them into customers.

Google Business Profile

Google Business profile appears on Google Maps and Search for moving services keywords (household movers, apartment moves, piano movers, safe movers). Its rank depends on the location of a person writing those keywords in Google and your service area. It also depends on the profile optimization with accurate and up-to-date information and profile activity (review replies, post updates) because Google offers only company profiles that are officially in business.

Google Local Services Ads

Google Local Services ads are a type of ad you can see at the top of Google results. It is a simple pay-per-lead ad, meaning Google will charge you only when someone who needs your service contacts you. The lead price depends on the profile optimization, number of reviews, Google certification, and whether you marked booked leads/spam/wrong inquiries (for example, someone asked you to move the entire house, which is not part of your service offer).


After simple methods, such as generating organic leads with GBP or paid leads with Google Local Services Ads, you must work on more complex methods, such as a well-optimized website. A website has two goals, to rank high on Google searches and to convert website visitors to leads. Website is a big investment, but it is necessary so you can use it for moving company marketing methods such as SEO, Google Search Ads, Meta Ads, or remarketing. Also, a well-optimized website can lower the click price for certain paid ads.


Even though there are a few search engines worldwide, Google holds 93% of all online searches, so the entire focus lies on Google. The SEO goal is to optimize your GBP and website to rank best on Google for as many related moving service keywords as possible. That is why it is crucial to do keyword research first to see which keywords to rank for. The most important thing is valuable content that will fulfill user intent because Google strives to satisfy its users by solving their problems.

Social Media

Every business, especially moving companies, has to be active on social media. That way, they can reach new customers and stay visible to those who have already used their service and were satisfied. The best results for moving companies are tied to Facebook and Instagram. Adding quality weekly posts resulted in staying in contact with past clients who can easily reach you again or recommend you to a friend or family member.

Google Search Ads

SEO and organic ranking is a process that can last 6-12 months, so combining it with Google Search ads for instant results is a smart move. Google Search ads appear on Google Search below Google Local Services ads and above organic results. They are much more complex (require more time and knowledge than Local Services ads), and they are pay-per-click. You can lower the price and improve your conversion with quality campaigns and well-optimized ads.

Meta Ads

Meta Ads is a new name for Facebook and Instagram ads. Unlike Google Search ads, they are display ads that require audience targeting based on interests, location, age, and similar options. The click price is lower than with Google Search ads, but it also comes with weaker conversion. But, like Google Search ads, Meta ads can bring instant results. You don’t have to wait 6-12 months to see any progress.

Retargeting Ads

Retargeting is a marketing method that focuses on people who showed interest in your company or your moving services. Thanks to a special tracking tool that tracks each person who visits your website, you can retarget people through Google and Meta ads. That way, you can target people who were there but weren’t ready to buy or decided not to buy for some other reason. Use retargeting to offer them benefits that can convert them from visitors to customers.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is great for staying in touch with past clients who were satisfied with your service, similar to Social media profiles. But, the email also offers automated possibilities such as a follow-up with leads who showed interest but have yet to decide to use your service. You can also use emails to generate more positive reviews, which are crucial to building trust in new customers. You can send a review reminder a few days after the move.


Is my moving company a good fit
for your digital marketing strategies?

Yes, and we’ll tell you why!

Many moving companies are a good match as they do not use the most strategies they can and do not achieve the desired results. It is best if you fill out the form, and we’ll send you a proposal and FREE audit to see how much room there is for improvement.

Our goal is to help any moving company that reaches out to us, and that is why we will adjust our offer to your marketing budget and recommend a strategy that will have the highest impact without too much expense.

Start-Up Companies

We’ll apply basic marketing strategies if you run your business and have a tight budget. As your moving company grows, we will implement more advanced methods.

Growing Companies

For moving companies that already use some basic strategies, we’ll improve them and apply more advanced ones to get more moving leads. Outrank your competitors.

Moving Company Digital Marketing


Get More Moving Jobs In 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Get a FREE Audit & Detailed Proposal

We will make an audit so you can see if there is room for improvement in your GBP, SEO, website, paid ads, and social media. You will also receive a detailed proposal with our marketing strategy, packages, pricing, terms of use, etc.

Step 2: Proven Moving Company Strategy

Once you decide and agree on the package based on your budget and goals, we will start working on our moving marketing strategy that will bring satisfying results to you and your company.

Step 3: 10-20 Additional Moving Jobs Each Month

You will receive 10-20 additional moving jobs each month thanks to our strategy adjusted to moving companies that will improve your lead generation and convert your visitors to clients.


Our Results Speak For Themselves


Moving Companies

So far, we have worked with 23 moving companies across the USA.


Moving Jobs

Over the past several years, we’ve found new jobs and clients for our movers.


Moving Trucks

In total, the movers we work with have expanded their business by 12 trucks.

Moving Company From Fresno, CA

Optimizing a Google Business profile can bring instant results, which happened to our Fresno client. This moving company experienced a jump in calls during a slow part of the moving season. They had 54% more calls from December to January (2022/2023) after our work with Google Business profile than in the same period a year before (2021/2022).


Moving Company From Alabama

Our client from Alamaba wanted to work on SEO, so they reached out to us. After researching, we saw they have a lot of potential in the SEO department. That is why we optimized their content ASAP, and we didn’t have to wait too long for results. Thirty days after our content update, 50% of their web pages appeared on the first page of the Google Search engine for keywords we used.


Moving Company From South Carolina

Having an updated website can also affect digital marketing results, and a moving company from South Carolina experienced just that. Besides a complete website design, we made separate pages for each of their services and optimized every page with the latest SEO trends. It took only a month for their service pages to appear on the first spot of the Google search engine for keywords adjusted to their service.

Case Study Moving Company From South Carolina


No.1 Digital Marketing Company For Your Industry

Years Of Experience

We have accumulated more than 15 years of experience in digital marketing for moving businesses, from web development to exploring the latest marketing methods.

Moving Industry Experts

Using a data-driven approach, up-to-date technologies, and pro tools allows us to become experts in this specific moving business niche. We have a strong background.

Competitive Prices

Our prices are fair, transparent, and fit your budget. There are no long-term contracts but month-to-month agreements. We always continue working to earn your business. 

Clear Communication

Honesty and transparency are more important to us than perfectionism. So we’ll discuss every issue and every idea with you to get the best results for your moving business.

FREE Audit

Are you stuck somewhere? Ask for a FREE audit, and we’ll help identify problems that could be holding your moving business back from reaching its potential.

Monthly Report

We ensure you stay on top of your moving business progress. You’ll receive monthly email updates from our team, informing you about every step of the process.


Fair Marketing Prices For Movers


Package for companies just starting and whose goal is to generate first-moving jobs with Google Business profiles and Local Services Ads.

Startup Includes:

Sale Funnel


Google Business Profile

Google Local Service Ads

Reputation Management

Monthly Report

Website Optimized To Convert

SEO Strategy

Social Media Management

Email Marketing

Google Search Ads

Meta Ads (Facebook & Instagram)


Perfect for companies for years in business and want to generate moving leads and convert organic visitors with a well-optimized website.

Basic Includes:

Sale Funnel


Google Business Profile

Google Local Service Ads

Reputation Management

Monthly Report

Website Optimized To Convert

SEO Strategy

Social Media Management

Email Marketing

Google Search Ads

Meta Ads (Facebook & Instagram)


Our standard package is a great choice for companies that want to increase their number of leads by using Google paid ads.

Standard Includes:

Sale Funnel


Google Business Profile

Google Local Service Ads

Website Optimized To Convert

SEO Strategy

Social Media Management

Email Marketing

Reputation Management

Monthly Report

Google Search Ads

Meta Ads (Facebook & Instagram)


This package will help you generate more unique leads using Meta ads and improve conversion rate with retargeting.

Professional Includes:

Sale Funnel


Google Business Profile

Google Local Service Ads

Website Optimized To Convert

SEO Strategy

Social Media Management

Email Marketing

Reputation Management

Weekly Report

Google Search Ads

Meta Ads (Facebook & Instagram)


Frequently Asked Movers Marketing Questions

Is Digital Marketing For Movers A Good Investment?

Digital marketing is worth investing in because a high 97% of consumers search for a local business online. If you want to catch a small part of that percentage and turn them into potential customers, switching to digital marketing and making your company visible online is a smart move, especially if a person who does it has experience in digital marketing for moving companies.

Is It Worth It To Invest In Traditional Movers Marketing?

Traditional marketing, although not as represented as digital marketing, is also worth investing in. The best option for more moving jobs for any moving company is “word of mouth” which can be both, digital (reviews) and traditional (recommendations in person).

What Is The Benefit Of Investing In Digital Marketing For Movers?

There are many benefits, but the most important one is to become visible to people who are looking for your service online. You can focus on a certain location (your service area), on people who are actively looking for a solution to their moving trouble through valuable content, and make ads that will target an audience tailored to your moving service.


Make your first step toward Moving Company growth

  • Detailed Proposal includes what we have in our offer, what is required budget, and each part of the process explained
  • FREE Audit will show you what you need to work on and where you are losing leads each month
  • Custom Strategy  is made for every client from scratch because every company is different
  • Affordable Pricing so we can help each moving company no matter the budget they have for marketing
  • Scalable Budget so you can start with a small budget and increase it as you grow
  • Industry Experience allows us to apply our proven marketing methods, which generate profitable results
  • Results Guarantee for each of our packages because our strategies bring results
  • No Long-Term Contract because we are confident you will be satisfied with our partnership


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