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The ContentLever.com website, as well as all of its content, applications, services, and products available through the Website, is an online service site owned and operated by ContentLever (hereafter “Company”, “Site”, “we”). 

Please read the terms of use carefully before you consume the content on our Site and start using the Site. 

You agree with these Terms of Use by using this Site. Also, you agree with any further changes we might make to these Terms of Use. 

These Terms of Use are a legal agreement between you and ContentLever. They cover all the online and offline services you will provide in connection to the Site. 

You agree to these Terms of Use by using our Services and Site. Also, you agree to them by clicking to agree or accept these Terms when the option is made available to you. It is the equivalent of manually signing a contract that binds you to these Terms legally. So, if you don’t agree to the Terms, please, do not access, use, or register to use our Services. 

Anyone of legal age over 18 years old can access this Site, and no one under this age can register to use the Services. In the event of agreeing to these Terms on behalf of a third party (such as an agency), you confirm and warrant that you are made liable to bind such third parties to our Terms of Service. 

Nature Of This Site

This Site provides clients with informational, educational, and promotional content and content writing services. Customers can order content through our Website by contacting ContentLever.

Updates to Terms of Service

We reserve the right to update and revise these Terms of Use without notice by posting those Terms on this Site. We will, however, notify our registered customers of the change in our Terms by sending them an email to the email address listed in the customer account with the updated Terms. The changes to the Terms will become effective upon posting them on the Site. If you do not agree with the changes and do not let us know within a period of 30 days, we will understand that you agree to the updated Terms. 

Access to the Site

To start with the Service, you first have to contact ContentLever; there are multiple options for contact available on our Site. Thus, getting in touch is easy, and upon sending us a message, we will reply within working hours and no longer than 24 hours. 

Customer Account

Upon contacting the Site about our Services, we will provide a brief form where you can feed us with further information required before we can offer you the service and the price for it. Also, along with the offer, you will get the needed details to sign in to your newly created customer account with ContentLever. 

Ordering Content

You can order content by contacting us through email and other communication channels offered on the Site. We will upload the content offer to your customer account, where you can view it and let us know if any further steps are to be taken before you agree to the Service. 

Delivery Of The Ordered Content

After the offer is approved, we aim to deliver it within the agreed timeline. 

Customer Rights For Original Content

After we deliver the content you have paid for, you are granted all the copyrights for owning that content. You can publish it, reproduce it, modify it, and sell it, in whole or part, to any type of media outlet. However, before the content is approved and paid for by the customer, ContentLever reserves the rights to this content. 


You will get a subscription payment option, meaning you will receive a payment request every month. You can cancel the subscription at any time. The price is determined by the package you choose. If you plan to end the service, you must notify CiontentLever 30 days in advance.

Payment Currency 

All payments made through ContentLever will be charged in US Dollars. Therefore, we are not responsible for any currency fluctuations the customer might encounter if paying in a different currency. 

Agreement To Payment

When you order content from us, you agree to make payment for it. If you have not made the payment for any reason, you agree to pay for it as soon as you get a notice from ContentLever about it. 

Usernames And Passwords

Once a username and a password are provided to you by ContentLever, they will remain exclusively the property of ContentLever. You, as a customer, are required to keep both the username and the password confidential and are fully responsible for using those both by you and others. In case of unauthorized use of your password or account, you need to notify ContentLever immediately. 

ContentLever’s Liability

When ordering, accepting, and purchasing content from ContentLever, the customer agrees that ContentLever will not be responsible and liable for any damages or problems that may arise from the content provided by ContentLever.

Warranty Disclaimer

The content on this Site is provided for your personal and informational use. By using the Site, you agree not to reproduce, copy, use, sell, or exploit the content without the consent of ContentLever. 

Without prior authorization from ContentLever, you agree not to use ContentLever’s logo, registered and unregistered marks, and name. 

ContentLever does not warrant the completeness or accuracy of the site’s content and the linked sites’ content. We also do not take any responsibility or liability for the errors or inaccuracies in the content. 

We are also not liable for any injuries or damage resulting from using this Site or third-party sites we link to. Included in this are also the Services we sell.

By using the Site, you agree that ContentLever holds no responsibility or liability for any bugs, viruses, or trojan horses that may be transmitted on this Site. 


You agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Company and all its team at your own cost and expense from all liabilities that result from your use of the Services and the Site. 


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